Find more CALM with Hypnosis
Stress & Anxiety

Great Fears, Phobias, Panic attacks:

Hypnosis helps you better manage your fears.

Big fears and Phobias:

The register of great fears is vast:
– fear of certain animals, blood, needles…
– fear of heights, darkness, depths, enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), of flying… 
– fear of crowds or, on the contrary, of empty spaces…

Our fears protect us from potentially dangerous situations or behaviors. 
Except when they become irrational, even uncontrollable, and in the face of things that are objectively not very dangerous. 

Breathe Better and Anchor Calm:

Fears and panic:
You know that your fear is not rational and yet your body is racing: sweating, palpitations or even tremors or nausea…
And soon fear – or sometimes even the fear of fear – takes over and you lose control.

One of the first benefits of hypnosis is to help you develop your physical and mental calm. And to anchor it in you so that you can find it if necessary.

Hypnosis and Desensitization techniques:

After having installed this inner calm and in a state of hypnosis, you will be able to work in imagination and at your own pace to relearn how to manage difficult situations: by imagining the object of your fear first of all from far away or in a dissociated way, and step by step by getting used to its idea and its proximity.

Hypnosis, combined with visualization techniques, helps you to desensitize yourself and gradually tame your fear.

If your fear is related to trauma, we recommend that you consult a doctor or psychologist to possibly go to work on the past. 

Sessions in Montreal, Saint-Lambert, McMasterville, La Prairie and by Videoconference.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching sessions per Video

Hypnothérapie par Vidéo

If you live far away or just prefer to stay at home, video sessions work very well!

Consultations by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.
Secure connection by password.

Our team of professional hypnotherapists to help you deal better with fears and phobias:

Florence Aton

Florence Aton

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching

Learn more about Florence

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Teenagers - Children

Learn more about Réjeanne

Nuria Pérez de León

Nuria Pérez de León

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Teenagers

Learn more about Nuria

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP and Applied Neuroscience Coaching / Hypno-Antalgy / Cardiofeedback / Cardiac Coherence
Adults - Young Adults

Learn more about Christian

I take the elevator again!
It takes courage and I take it upon myself but what a change (once I had climbed 23 floors on foot)!

I felt confident during the visualization exercises, which were quite unpleasant. Thank you !

Magali (Claustrophobia)

Our Sessions

Duration: 50 to 60 min.

The first session may take a little longer

Price per session: CAN$125 (about 100USD / 90€)

Taxes included

Canada - RITMA or ANN insurance receipts (Naturopathy)

Please note: receipts for counselling (which include our discipline) are not accepted by Industrial Alliance.
And Manulife can pose challenges with some contracts.
We suggest that you check your coverage in advance with your insurance.

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