Hypnosis helps you reach your GOALS!

Sports Performance and Competition

Hypnosis and NLP Coaching can help you unleash your potential.
Respecting your body and mind.

Mental preparation:

Getting rid of limiting beliefs: our 1st brake is often internal. The analysis of your self-talk and limiting beliefs will be the preliminary step towards more self-confidence in your learning and training.

Concentration: Hypnosis will help you create a “bubble” of inner calm especially when the environment is not favorable or when stress rises before a competition.

Optimize your strategies: Analyzing your learning and memorization methods will allow you to focus on the most effective strategies. Their visualization under hypnosis will then allow you to make them habits to use on a daily basis.

Hypnosis to develop Motivation and Perseverance:

Training can be exhausting…
Repeating the same gestures, holding the trainings in the long term and with regularity is sometimes discouraging, or just tiring.

Hypnosis helps you clarify your goals and set up “ecological” strategies for your life balance. And thus support your motivation in the long term.

Making Stress an Ally:

Hypnosis helps you manage your stress to make it an ally, improve your concentration and focus, develop your self-confidence and motivation.

Unleash your potential!

Sessions in Montreal, Saint-Lambert, McMasterville, La Prairie and by Videoconference.

Our team of professional hypnotherapists to help you reach your objectives:

Florence Aton

Florence Aton

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching

Learn more about Florence

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Teenagers - Children

Learn more about Réjeanne

Hypnotherapy & Coaching sessions per Video

Hypnothérapie par Vidéo

If you live far away or just prefer to stay at home, video sessions work very well!

Consultations by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.
Secure connection by password.

After an injury, I had trouble getting back to training…
Loss of motivation, fear of hurting myself again, and at the same time crazy ideas of international competitions.

I worked on respecting my limits with a progressive planning of my effort, stopping to focus on securities and maturities. In short, to regain a taste for my daily practice.

Julien, Triathlon Champion

Our Sessions

Duration: 50 to 60 min.

The first session may take a little longer

Price per session: CAN$125 (about 100USD / 90€)

Taxes included

Canada - RITMA or ANN insurance receipts (Naturopathy)

Please note: receipts for counselling (which include our discipline) are not accepted by Industrial Alliance.
And Manulife can pose challenges with some contracts.
We suggest that you check your coverage in advance with your insurance.

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