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When I went to see Nuria, my life had just been turned upside down into a very worrying chaos. I needed to see things clearly and, above all, to get out of this extremely stressful situation.
Nuria was incredibly helpful in many areas that needed work. My goals were to rediscover joy and to feel lighter.
Both have been achieved today. After only 5 sessions!💗

Personal Coaching for informed choices

Is this really the life I want?
Sometimes we have the impression that others decide for us, or that our past drives our present almost automatically…
Our positive energy and creativity decrease, we know that we are waiting for something different, more fulfilling…

Who am I now?
Personally or professionally, we made some choices years ago.
But we have changed, learned, developed new skills, in new environments.

Maybe it’s time to take stock, update your life programs – conscious or unconscious – and clarify who you are today and what you really want.


NLP coaching combined with hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you create the life you want!

To find out more about NLP and Hypno-Coaching 

Turning life pages:

Sometimes life shakes us up…
Romantic or professional separation, burnout, physical or mental health problems…

Or a life stage is at the end:
A move, the children leaving home, disappointing retirement…
And we remain a little perplexed and destitute

NLP coaching combined with hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you get back on the right foot. 

Coaching to open up new perspectives and take action:

Your NLP coach is here to help you:

  • free yourself from your limiting beliefs,
  • become more creative about your options,
  • clarify your objectives,
  • and take action in an “ecological” way for you, respecting your life balance.

Create the life you desire! NLP Coaching Montreal – NLP Coach Quebec

Consultations in Therapeutic Hypnosis and NLP Coaching in :

  • Gatineau (QC)

  • Cumberland (ON)

  • Montreal (QC)
    (Westmount, Rosemont)

  • Montreal South Shore (QC)
    (Saint-Lambert, La Prairie, McMasterville)

  • Montgomery Center (VT)

  • and by Video

Solutions Hypnosis - Therapeutic Hypnosis in Gatineau - Ottawa, Montreal, Montgomery Center (VT) and by Video
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Our team of NLP Hypno-Coaches to guide you in your life choices:

Annie Mayrand

Annie Mayrand

Ericksonian Hypnosis / NLP Coaching  / Personal & Professional Coaching

Adults - Teenagers

► Learn more about Annie

Nuria Pérez de León

Nuria Pérez de León

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / Ericksonian Hypnosis / NLP Coaching / Personal & Professional Coaching

Adults - Teenagers

► Learn more about Nuria

Christian Rocher

Christian Rocher

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP and Applied Neuroscience Coaching / Hypno-Antalgy / Cardiofeedback / Cardiac Coherence

Adults - Young Adults

► Learn more about Christian

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching

Adults - Teenagers - Children

► Learn more about Réjeanne

Florence Aton

Florence Aton

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching


► Learn more about Florence

Hypnotherapy & Coaching sessions per Video

Hypnosis by Video

If you live far away or just prefer to stay at home, video sessions work very well!

Consultations by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.
Secure connection by password.

I made peace with this painful separation.
My divorce had left me exhausted, bitter and emotionally scarred.
Working with Florence allowed me to become more serene and turn the page.

Jeanne (Divorce)

Our Sessions

Duration: 50 to 60 min.

The first session may take a little longer

Price per session: CAD$130 / 100USD

Taxes included

Quebec - RITMA or ANN insurance receipts (Naturopathy)

Please note:
Receipts for counselling (which includes our discipline) are NOT accepted by Industrial Alliance nor by Canada Vie / Canada Life.
We suggest that you check your coverage in advance with your insurance.

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