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Guillemette Moreau - Fondatrice de Solutions Hypnose

Guillemette Moreau

Founder of Solutions Hypnosis

Hello and welcome!

I’m glad you’re interested in joining this wonderful team.

I originally created Solutions Hypnosis to help colleagues and friends develop their client base.
Yes, I love creating websites, I love marketing – it’s been my profession for 20 years – and above all I’m passionate about Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching…

Our mission at Solutions Hypnosis:

  • To help our clients create the life they desire
  • And thus contribute to a more harmonious, freer and emotionally intelligent world.

To achieve this, we want to :

  • Create a community of hypnotherapist-coach partners who are passionate about people and their profession.
  • In Canada and Europe
  • Offering excellence in therapeutic hypnosis and hypno-coaching.

Our Team in Quebec – Ontario – Vermont :

Florence – Christian – Réjeanne – Nuria – Annie…

Florence Aton, Hypnothérapeute à Montréal et par Vidéo  Christian Rocher - Consultations à Montréal Rive Sud et par Vidéo  Réjeanne LeBlanc - Hypnothérapeute et Coach PNL   Nuria Perez de Leon - Consultations in Montreal and by Video  Annie Mayrand - Hypnothérapeute et Coach PNL à Gatineau - Ottawa et par Vidéo

… and we look forward to working with new partners in Sherbrooke, Vaudreuil / West Island, Ottawa, Toronto…

How does it work?

Solutions Hypnosis develops tools to attract new clients for partners:

  • Creates and maintains a modern, serious and attractive brand image
  • Manages communication tools: websites, social networks, videos
  • Creates a flow of prospects to partners
  • Provides an online appointment management platform
  • Offers training and supervision tools

Hypnotherapist – Coach partners contribute to the success of Solutions Hypnosis:

  • Represent the image and values of Solutions Hypnosis
  • Participate in team exchange and co-development meetings
  • Invest in training and supervision
  • Manage their office, invoicing and client payments
  • Finance Solutions Hypnosis up to 15% of business done with the platform

Remarks :

  • Partners can have their own clients in parallel, and use the online booking tool to do so.
  • Align, if possible, with a single consultation rate common to all partners

How to become a Solutions Hypnosis partner?

Your profile:

  • You are an experienced hypnotherapist, also a professional coach and, if possible, certified in NLP.
  • Being a teacher in recognized hypnosis, coaching and NLP schools is of course a plus.
  • You want to be part of a peer exchange network, to continue to learn and develop, to spread therapeutic hypnosis… and to change the world one person at a time…

Geographic areas and specialties:

  • We want to avoid competition between partners, and we only open “recruitments” if the geographical area is free, or if the specialty is not covered.

Step 1: Get to know eachother!

Here’s my e-mail address: g.moreau@solutionshypnose.com

If you can send me a message introducing yourself in a few lines (place of practice, experience, training, specialities…) and what time would suit you for a video-call to get to know each other…

Looking forward to hearing from you! Guillemette Moreau

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