Hypnosis for easier Public Speaking

Hypnosis for easier PUBLIC SPEAKING


Public speaking remains one of the most dreaded experiences for many people.

Whether it’s a professional presentation, a wedding toast or public speaking, the anxiety of communicating in front of an audience can be overwhelming.

Hypnosis is an intriguing tool for many, but a highly effective one to help overcome these apprehensions, enabling everyone to unleash their communicative potential.

Hence this article, knowing of course that hypnosis is not a magic solution, but a remarkable complement to traditional public speaking training methods.

The challenges of public speaking

There are 4 main types of issues described by our clients in public speaking:

  • Managing stress and anxiety before and during the performance, often referred to as “stage fright”.
  • Self-confidence, particularly in the face of a new or impressive audience, or when faced with unexpected reactions or questions.
  • Concentration during the performance, so as to be at the top of your game, attentive both to what you’re doing and to your audience’s reactions.
  • Finally, managing your voice and body – especially on stage – to focus other people’s attention, and deliver your message with impact and persuasiveness.
Hypnosis for easier Public Speaking

Demystifying Hypnosis

Before getting into these 4 issues and what hypnosis can do for you, let’s demystify 😊 hypnosis which is often misunderstood, shrouded in mystery and prejudice.

Hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep, but rather a state of intense concentration where the rational mind drops certain barriers or internal discourses that limit us to leave more room for our imagination.

By entering this state, the mind becomes more receptive to suggestions, facilitating the modification of thought patterns and behaviors, starting with stress and anxiety management.


Hypnosis to better manage Stress, Anxiety and Stage fright

Anxiety about public speaking can manifest itself in many different ways, from mild stage fright to paralyzing anxiety.

Stage fright is the body’s natural response to a perceived stressful situation.
When speaking in public, this response can manifest itself in increased heart rate, cold sweats and anxious thoughts.

Hypnosis will enable the subconscious mind to re-evaluate these automatic responses and transform them into a calmer, more controlled response.

Hypnosis also induces a state of deep relaxation, allowing the mind to calm down and release physical tension.
This relaxation helps reduce stage fright by calming the nervous system.

Finally, the stress management techniques taught during hypnosis become practical tools for dealing with stage fright when it arises.


Reprogram negative thoughts related to stage fright

But often stage fright is fueled by negative thoughts and catastrophic imaginary scenarios.

Or simply beliefs about oneself or others:
“I’m a terrible presenter”
“The members of the board are out to get you”.

Hypnosis enables us to work on the subconscious, where these negative thought patterns are rooted, to replace them with more positive, constructive thoughts.

This creates a new, more favorable and less threatening perception of public speaking.


Hypnosis to boost self-confidence in public speaking

Hypnosis is also useful for developing self-confidence, an essential pillar for public speaking.

Hypnosis works in depth to reinforce this confidence, targeting the roots of doubts and fears that hinder performance and cultivating a positive self-perception, thus promoting a relaxed and more charismatic presence on stage.

Hypnosis also uses positive visualization techniques, enabling the individual to see themselves successfully and confidently on stage.

Combined with anchors, this visualization creates links between positive emotional states and specific stimuli.

In this way, a simple gesture or thought can help to instantly regain inner calm and confidence.


Hypnosis to improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is crucial when speaking in public.

Of course, in terms of your own performance.
In terms of content, to help us develop our arguments clearly, with effective transitions, manage our speaking time and be synthetic.
In terms of form, to pay attention to your voice, your speaking rhythm and your breathing.

But also to be attentive to your audience and adjust to them:
Observing non-verbal communication and anticipating doubts or questions, being able to decentralize and question if necessary to defuse criticism….

Hypnosis is a great tool for learning to develop concentration, eliminate mental distractions and focus your mind on the message to be conveyed and what’s going on around you.

To maintain clear thinking, even under pressure, and improve the effectiveness of your communication.


Hypnosis to better manage Body and Voice

Communication goes beyond words.
Body language, posture and voice play an essential role in conveying a convincing message.

A clear, well-articulated voice is essential for effective communication: the voice can captivate, inspire and significantly influence the audience.

By playing with rhythm and breathing, by modulating his voice, the speaker will convey emotions, underline crucial points and hold the audience’s attention.

In the same way, body postures and, where appropriate, the use of space on stage will help to capture and sustain attention, and to emphasize certain aspects of the speech.

Hypnosis will then be used to

  • Develop a heightened awareness of body and voice, enabling the speaker to master these aspects and optimize his impact on the audience.
  • Work on breathing techniques that enable you to maintain control of your voice, even in stressful situations.
  • And also develop a heightened sensitivity to the audience’s reactions, so as to adjust tone, voice rhythm or body language to the audience’s needs.


Hypnosis to unleash Creativity and Verbal Fluidity

Finally, when faced with impromptu situations or certain questions, some clients speak of mental block, even of a “blank”, a “hole” where they no longer know what to do or say.

Hypnosis can help to unblock mental inhibitions that hinder creativity and verbal fluency. To be more flexible and adapt with ease to what’s going on, and to respond appropriately to questions or remarks.


In conclusion, hypnosis proves to be a valuable tool for those seeking to improve their public speaking skills, and express their ideas in a convincing and impactful way.

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