Hypnosis to better manage SOCIAL ANXIETY

Hypnosis to better manage SOCIAL ANXIETY


Therapeutic Hypnosis is a very interesting tool for managing fears linked to social life, also known as Social Anxiety or Social Phobia.


Definition of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia

Social anxiety, also known as social phobia, is an anxiety disorder characterized by an intense and persistent fear of social or performance situations.

People with social anxiety are often afraid of being judged, humiliated or embarrassed by others. This fear can be so intense that it interferes with their daily life, work, relationships and social activities.

Social anxiety is a common disorder affecting a significant proportion of the population, but it manifests itself in varying degrees of severity.

Some people will experience social anxiety in specific situations, such as public speaking or interacting with strangers.

Others may experience generalized social anxiety that profoundly affects their social life.
If this is your case, a mental health professional will be able to diagnose the condition and provide you with medical and psychological support.


Symptoms of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia

Social anxiety can manifest itself through physical, cognitive and behavioral symptoms.

  • Physical symptoms include fairly classic stress reactions such as trembling, excessive sweating, rapid heart rate and feeling short of air. These symptoms can be very uncomfortable and contribute to increase even more anxiety.
  • Cognitive symptoms of social anxiety are related to the negative thoughts and beliefs that accompany dreaded social situations. People with social anxiety may criticize themselves harshly, feel judged or ridiculed by others, and doubt their social skills. These negative thoughts can aggravate the anxiety experienced and lead to social withdrawal.
  • Behavioral symptoms of social anxiety include avoidance of feared social situations. People with social anxiety may find it difficult to speak in public, participate in conversations, meet new people or take part in social activities.


Causes of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia

The causes of social anxiety are often difficult to pin down, and can be cumulative.

Scientists even assume certain elements of genetic or neurobiological predisposition in social anxiety.

Sometimes traumatic events, such as bullying or humiliation in childhood, can leave emotional scars and contribute to social anxiety in adulthood.
If this is your case, please consult a psychologist or psychotherapist.

But often, Social Anxiety has developed insidiously, when almost banal situations become enormous and jeopardize self-confidence.

Or when social norms and cultural expectations exert strong pressure on individuals, particularly at times like adolescence when self-image is crucial to social integration and self-esteem can be fragile.

Consequences of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia in everyday life

Social anxiety can have a significant impact on everyday life.

  • At work, social anxiety can affect the ability to speak in public, take part in meetings or express oneself in evaluations.
  • Social relationships can also be affected by social anxiety.
    Individuals with social phobia may have difficulty establishing and maintaining friendly, romantic or professional relationships. They may withdraw socially to avoid stressful situations, resulting in isolation and loneliness.
  • Social anxiety can also have an impact on mental and emotional health.
    The constant apprehension and fear of judgment can lead to low self-esteem, generalized anxiety and even depression.

Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

What solutions are there for Social Anxiety / Social Phobia?

For severe cases, your doctor or psychologist can provide medical support.

For example, cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) aim to modify negative thought patterns and gradually expose individuals affected by social phobia to dreaded social situations in order to reduce the associated anxiety.

In addition to these treatments, self-help tools are available to help manage social anxiety on a daily basis.
Breathing and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress levels and ease anxiety.

Working on self-esteem and positive thinking is also essential.
Identifying and replacing negative thoughts with positive, realistic ones can reduce social anxiety and improve self-perception.

Finally, the support of friends and family is crucial. Their understanding, encouragement and support can make a significant difference in the healing journey of a person with social anxiety.


Hypnosis to better manage Social Anxiety Disorder

Therapeutic hypnosis is a great tool to help improve the symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder.

  • First of all, the state of hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation that enables the person to rediscover a profound inner calm and reconnect with their inner resources.
    This can be achieved, for example, by working on calm anchors, which can then be used on demand as anxiety builds.
  • Under hypnosis, the person can, if they wish, distance themselves emotionally to better understand typical trigger situations and events, the stages of their anxiety and work on changing certain negative thoughts about the environment or themselves.
    To reinforce self-confidence in difficult situations and possibly boost self-esteem more deeply.
  • Finally, visualization techniques can help to desensitize certain situations.

Sometimes with astonishing results.
Like this man who hadn’t left his house for several weeks, and who mentally rehearsed during a session the act of leaving his house to cross the street and go to the convenience store opposite.
And by the 2nd session, he was so proud of having regained his independence to buy groceries!

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Either way, you’ll soon know if you like the hypnotic state and see positive results towards achieving your goals.

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